5 Tips to Increase User Acquisition with Twitter Ads

There are different ways of marketing electronically and among all ads on Twitters are considered best to gain customer traffic as it is the most precious spot to attract huge audience from whole world wide. Twitter has a customer pool of more than 500 million ‘Tweeps,’ giant companies with international brands and small size companies with limited ties can achieve customers at any end of the world with a 140-character long idiom.
The survey conducted recently concluded that almost 50% of users do purchasing from the brand they follow on Twitter.
The Twitter user can observe different types of ads like to promote accounts, promoted tweets, and promoted trends. These ads can be seen only when someone logged out or in of his Twitter account. These ads are visibly seen as promoted ads. In case you like, follow or retweet any text on Twitter the followers will notice the associated name.
Moreover, you can enhance the customer traffic with Twitter’s ads for the product or services by the five useful golden tips:

Explore Desktop and Mobile Targeting

Twitter is considered the perfect source of mobile advertisement, as more than 80% of Twitter users are active all day long on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. http://www.nanigans.com/blog/twtr/usu/vital-strategies-improving-user-acquisition-Twitter-ads). Moreover, Twitter provides the platform to its advertisers to check the progress of their ads by supporting separate running Ad campaign. This separate running ad campaign checks what type of ad convince the audience on different devices.
For example:
Zip car ad with Twitter showed using a separate running ad campaign tells what type of ads are liked by the people watching it on a mobile device or desktop. The mobile users seek for flexibility and immediacy whereas desktop ads show the benefits list of linking to the company.

Twitter Ads

Image Source: http://www.nanigans.com/blog/twtr/usu/vital-strategies-improving-user-acquisition-Twitter-ads

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Exploit The “now” Power

MAI ad unit of Twitter allows its users to start using the app by installing it in a few clicks. Its powerful keys like quick hurry and now decrease the install cost and enhance conversion rate by 9%.
For Example:
Nintendo used the Twitter ad to prop up “Miitomo” its first app for the smart device. The preliminary positioning hysterics exact in with Twitter, while app downloads that concurrently conveys exclusive benefits and urgency. The Twitters function of download it free focuses the user’s attention to CTA button and them eventually start networking with their mates on Miitomo.

Twitter Ads

Image Source: http://www.slideshare.net/Sanzux/communication-skillskailas

Play With Different Types of Ads

Twitter presents a broad range of different ad types. Test different ads to know which type best suits your campaign in boosting customer traffic.
For Example:
Starbucks target the Twitter users by providing them with incentives on purchasing. It catches the attention of users by inviting them to register by signing in and receive the information on promotional deals.

User Acquisition with Twitter Ads

Image Source: https://business.Twitter.com/en/help/campaign-measurement-and-analytics/tweet-activity-dashboard.html

Revive Creative

While going through Twitter the users will firstly look at the picture of your ad, the picture must be attractive and attention gaining, as it will portray the impression of that service or product on users mind. A creative test is important to know about what type of pictures relevant to your service or product gain the user’s attention.
For Example:
The ad for Chipotle on Twitter attracts customers by posting deals or a close view of tasty mouth-watering food. By estimating the achievement of the thread, the application Postmates can decide what let the Twitter users to use Postmates app and continue ordering food.

User Acquisition

Image Source: http://www.nanigans.com/blog/twtr/games/brands-using-Twitter-ads-boost-app-mobile-a-game-installs

Goal A Diversity Of Groups With Modified Content

There are many options to target the relevant audience through Twitter. The advertisers select the one, which directly hits their target users.
Moreover, with the creativity and testing unit the advertisers can work to boost their product or service.
For Example:
The Twitters MAI Jet’s ad promotes baby products and diapers. Their target audience includes the parents of the kids. Jet makes sure that the users of Twitter who are parents of kids view this ad.

Twitter Ads

Image Source: http://okmzansi.co.za/minister-fikile-mbalula-on-that-baby-that-looks-like-him-on-Twitter-dont-donate-kids-to-me-enkosi/


Thus, it is concluded that Twitter is the most powerful platform to promote product and services through the social channel. There are more than 500 million users of Twitter all over the world having an average of about 90 million videos and photos uploaded daily. There is no particular gender, age to use Twitter. People of all ages, gender and having the nationality of different countries, uses Twitter many times, a day to check recent updates. Advertisement through Twitter targets the vast market, and by following the five golden tips, the user acquisition can boost.

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