10 Efficient Ways To Promote Paid Mobile Apps

When you own an app, one of the most difficult challenges is to find the business model that won’t drive users away but at the same time, it will help you to monetize your creation. Nowadays, on this dynamic mobile landscape, it seems logical to attract users with a free app. But the hard part comes after they install it when you need to convince them to pay for various premium elements. What if you will ask them a fixed price in the moment they download your creation? If you are afraid that nobody will want your app then think again. We have various examples in our special folder where we gather all types of success stories. Some developers think that this is the right approach when you have a valuable product and others even offer different options for in-app purchases additionally to the money paid when users install the app. But how is that possible? How can you convince customers to buy your app before trying it? Well, you are in the right place because we are going to reveal some secret weapons.

10 Promotion Methods For Your Paid App

We will begin our step – by – step plan from the moment you release your app on the market but when you build a strategy you should start by trusting your product.

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Find Beta – Testers

Before releasing it to the general audience you need to make sure that users appreciate your app. A beta version is what you need in this moment. And if you don’t know where to find testers, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Pay Attention To ASO

While you launch your product is imperative to create an outstanding app store page. What a surprise, isn’t it? You can’t invest in any marketing technique without making sure that people will be impressed by your presentation on the app market. Also, mobile games should care about play store marketing strategies. A/B testing is a great way to discover if your creatives will reach users’ expectations and we also have a lot of guides that can help you with this stage.

Do Social Media Marketing

We keep repeating ourselves but social media comes into discussion whenever you need to connect with potential users. Without these networks, it is almost impossible to reach your target audience on a large scale. Make sure you know your users’ preferences before posting on these channels and choose the one that gathers the biggest number of persons that will benefit from your app. This is one of the most used mobile app marketing techniques, why shouldn’t you benefit from the billions of people that use these channels?

Use Paid Advertising

Paid ads are very efficient when you want to bring your app in front of your customers. How to find advertisers for your app? There are various options available but we will name the most popular ones.

Facebook Ads
great solution due to the targeting options;
Promoted Tweets – use it in case your customers are Twitter fans;
App Store Search Ads – it is proven that more than 60% of downloads come from app store searches and that’s available for both Apple and Google;
A CPI Ad Platform – avoid focusing your strategy on clicks and make sure that people install your app;
Google Universal App Campaigns – useful tool for based on machine learning technology;
Cross – Promotion Networks – it works best for games when you use an app for promoting the other ones.

Utilize Backlinking

Backlinking is a special method that will help you increase your popularity. Getting people to visit your app store page and landing page goes hand in hand with obtaining a better ranking, obviously, if you took care of your app store page before applying this technique. Provide useful content on related websites, forums, and blogs.

Get Free or Freemium For A Limited Time

In order to reach the top of your category and to convince people to install your app you need to gather a big number of downloads. But how can you do that when people are skeptical when they have to pay for an app before using it? The solution is to make your app free or free with in – app purchases for a little while. Be careful to calculate your budget before this promotion and make sure that you announce your intention loud and clear.

Build A Network For PR

Everything we explained so far will happen if you have a strong relationship with influencers and important people in your field. Start early and attend events. These are great opportunities to make connections and to speak about your app. We always encourage developers to be the best promoters of their creations.

Build A Grabbing Landing Page

Additionally, to your app store page, a website will attract visitors and will allow them to find many details about your app. It became mandatory to build at least one landing page for your app on your website. This way, users interested in your brand will discover many compelling insights before pressing the link to the app store. Among the most common mobile app marketing techniques, this one also used by many people, but not very effectively. If you search what makes a landing page best, the results will be: Investing in beautiful visuals and creating a story around your app.

Encourage Word Of Mouth

In this digital world, there are so many ways that can make users to talk about your app. Influencers can share your creation with their followers but for an impressing effect, you must carefully choose the ones that will speak about your app. Another trendy solution is guerrilla marketing which can be applied to many categories of apps.

Use Incentive Referrals

All the techniques described above will bring you loyal users which will invite other new users to join their experience. But they need a little help from your side to do that. Don’t forget to thank them for their effort while you encourage them to share your app with all the people they know.


Final Thoughts

We have gathered in this article a lot of great resources that will help you to promote your premium app. Don’t be afraid to ask people to pay for your product if you are sure that your app is amazing. Complete the steps described above and send us a link to your creation. We will be happy to speak about it and to share its story with our readers!

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